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Pressing Rewind

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

After being in mission and ministry for 33 years and along the way being on the receiving end of some great "you're a gift"; mediocre "we haven't heard anything un-towards about you" and baffling (I went to see a minister about my call to ordination and he fell asleep in the meeting), encounters, I felt called to reflect on the journey. Without a clear structure or understanding I've been 'supervising' a number of colleagues over the years. Having not studied since theological college it was time for a professional renaissance. So in 2021 I began my professional certificate studies in Pastoral Supervision. Becoming a student again has been a humbling and uncertain experience, but a great reminder that we are all learners and should never take our 'L' plates off thinking we actually know what we are doing! So here's to the shared journey of supporting and being supported in the ministry we've been called to.

February 2022

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