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A Working Explanation

This description relies heavily on the Association of Pastoral Supervision and Educators that Simon is a member of.

It gives a framework in which supervision takes place.

Ministry Focused

I focus on whatever you choose to bring to the meeting relating to your pastoral work where you require  some stimulus, reflection and enabling you to have further insights and ideas.

Relationally Minded

The supervision is confidential with an agreed shared honesty, trust and a desire for a deeper understanding. You (the supervisee) are provided with a safe, undisturbed place to share and explore your issue of concern.

Growth Centred
I will work with you on deepening your understanding of your role, faith, vocation, theology, spirituality , self-awareness, learning, responses, working relationships and accountability. But not all at the same time! Always bearing in mind your unique context, cultural settings and value systems.

Regular Pattern

Pastoral supervision works best with a regular pattern of commitment (monthly is a good basis but there is always room for flexibility). This envisages an agreed focus and a desire for fresh insights as an outcome.

Clear Parameters

There is a commitment to engage with the spiritual and theological concerns that emerge from the supervision session. Both intra-personal and inter-personal dynamics are considered, always desiring greater clarity. The supervision session should enable a growing confidence in skills, work practice , boundary setting and well being in your work environment.

Unique Contribution

Pastoral supervision has a clear focus on day to day ministry in your context. In the way of possible challenges with issues and relationships. It pays attention to the spiritual realm but is not 'spiritual direction', which would have a greater focus on discerning God's plan as it unfolds. Nor is it counselling in the sense of an conversational therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues.

Pastoral supervision invites you to bring matters in your professional ministry that need attention, reflection and a fellow colleague in the role of supervisor.

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